Hall of Shame Videos


Welcome to Bedlam Coffee, enter at your own RISK…

ps-don’t be like me kids, turn your phone sideways when you shoot video please.


Below you will find links to some of Bedlam’s less than great moments.  These videos are provided to staff only, and are viewable by staff only. DO NOT SHARE with anyone for any reason.  Video’s are provided only to aid in identifying the people that have been eighty-sixed for life from Bedlam Coffee.

first some photos, if you see any of these people, CALL 911

this guy stole our wooded pinball game after being a relatively normal character for awhile.  this guy was asked not to smoke in the chairs closest to the building, even offered another chair, he freaked out and turned into an asshole about it, he was also known to underpay for coffee.  this super crazy chick has come in and done crazy shit a couple times, sunday around 10 am normally, she was finally kicked out for trying to steal a chess board, after she was heard screaming in the bathroom (I’m schizophrenic don’t call the cops!) she did get away with “some” chess pieces in the end. 



and another of her…here she can be seen assuming ownership of a chess board, McDow stops her. She still manages to leave with some pieces tho.


ChessGirl, tho she was “the orator” for the week before that, the Sunday before this she came in and did a little crazy rant while spinning and walked off with a latte. (video was sped up for time)

bonus clip, check this guy out as he realizes that crazy girl just took his drink, then he walks over and texts somebody “crazy chick just stole my latte!”

This guy sadly started out as a mostly ok guy. But for some reason one saturday night he decided he needed our faux vintage wooden pinball game, so he took it.



This asshole reached up and took an electric guitar right off the wall, took it in the bathroom, took the neck off, and left with it in his backpack.  First here he is walking like he shit his pants or something.

here he is actually stealing the guitar…no idea why it got filmed in slomo.


This next video is disturbing, it may be difficult to watch actually…I’m showing it to you because it’s extremely important that you know who these people that live on our street are, it’s so easy for a situation to go from snotty remarks to crazy violence in mere seconds. As bad as this was, it could have been worse, many street crack users are armed, knives, screwdrivers, box cutters, and even guns are not as uncommon as you might think.  So please, call 911 instead of engaging with drugged out, mentally ill, transient assholes, ok?



now let’s look at some videos about our new ViperTek VTS-9890 Taser Weapon. NOTE-this is not a toy! if you wanna shock yourself in the balls, or shock your friends in the balls then you go to amazon.com and buy one to use away from work…here’s the link http://a.co/cQl9sBH

this video has some good advice, but I must say I DO NOT agree with his suggestion about the eye area, it is quite likely you would blind the person if you were to actually get one of those probes against their eyeball. The point he’s really making is that bear skin is gonna hurt more, and holding it against them, which is something you never see in demo videos cuz NO ONE can really stand such a thing.

and fuck it, you have to see this…

And now some Navy guys tasing themselves in the balls right outside Bedlam’s front door, always fun.

I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can…tay-aze my balls, and my buddies balls, and some random drunk guy…

and seriously, don’t go zapping yourself, you get canned if you do it at work with ours or yours. DO NOT DO THIS HERE